Remembering Dinesh Jivan, the auto parts man


Dinesh on a boat ride, one of his favourite past times

Dinesh, as he was better known, proved to be a most versatile businessman. After his studies at Seychelles College, he started off as a mechanic and soon after the opening of the islands to tourism in 1972, launched his own car rental.

A few years later, Dinesh set up one of the first shops retailing motor parts and accessories at Mont Fleuri, in what is now called ‘Jivan Complex’, owned by his elder brother, Dr Haresh Jivan, who presently has his cabinet and his ‘Get Well Pharmacy’ there.

Dinesh was well liked and it was not uncommon for him just to give away spares, after they had been in stock for quite a few years.

He was full of wit and humour and indeed many people regularly stopped by Dinesh Auto parts for a chat and a cup of coffee.

Dr Jivan recalls that Dinesh also loved the sea and going on boats. Even after retiring in Bangalore, he often called friends in Mahé “just to tell a joke”. He frequently came back for a boating holiday, usually staying by his friend, Vijay Patel.

Dinesh Auto parts was, prior to Mr Jivan’s retirement, sold to Anil Valabhji who moved the shop to Providence, but maintained the same name, presumably as a legacy to the entrepreneurial skill of the founder.

In later years, Mr Jivan also built a block of flats called ‘Moni Apartments’ which he still owns.

He was also a founder member of the Lions Club of Seychelles, a charity organisation.
A condolence meeting will be held at Jivan’s Complex on Saturday at 4pm.