Another excellent year of IGCSE results for Independent School-• 100% Pass rate, 88% at Credit or Distinction


Table shows the grades achieved per subject entry, and the grade percentage overall

Of the 49 Independent School students who sat for the examinations in 2012, 45 (or 92%) obtained five or more grades between A* and C (called Credit passes) and 18 (37%) of them scored at least 5 A*’s or A’s.

This year, all the top performers are boys, with four of them getting at least 7 A*s each:

Nicholas Adam, 7A*s, 3 A’s and 1 B (11 subjects), Richard Mussard : 7 A*s and 3 A’s, Joshua Larue: 7 A*s, 2 A’s and 1 B, while Edley Carola added 3 B’s to his 7 A*s. Four other students obtained an aggregate of 8 or more A* and A grades: Samuel Mancienne-Pool, Ryan Pragassen,

Laurent Mein and Stan Volcère. We congratulate the students on their outstanding performance.
All 49 students qualify for the International Certificate of Education (ICE) award, 18 with Distinction, 26 with Merit and 5 Pass.  To be awarded the ICE, a student must pass six or more IGCSE subjects from five different subject groups. This is to ensure that the students receive a broad education at this level.

The minimum number of subject entries per student was eight, but most students sat for nine or more subjects.  There were altogether 480 subject entries.

Of these, some two-thirds (65.2%) are graded between A* and B and over 88% between A* and C.  This is a remarkable achievement by the students.

The average percentage of students gaining at least 5 Grade C’s or better in the previous 10 years stands at 90%. At 92% therefore, the S5 students of 2012 have done very well indeed, as a group.

As in the past, we observe first-class performance in Languages and Geography while the very good set of grades in English Literature, Mathematics, the three Sciences, ICT and Business Studies should also be highlighted.          
We congratulate all the students for their hard work and wish them the very best in their further studies.

The school also warmly thanks the staff who, through their unstinting effort and dedication over the years, have ensured that the students perform to the very best of their abilities. Similarly, we recognise and sincerely appreciate the support and encouragement that we received from parents during the time that they entrusted their children’s education to us.

Contributed by the Independent School