President appoints national disaster relief fund


It came into operation yesterday and its other members are Patrick Payet, Alain De Commarmond, Colette Servina, Bernard Pool and Nirmal Jivan Shah.

The fund replaces the National Emergency Foundation created in 2005, with the introduction of new legislation on Tuesday which allows for the incorporation of the foundation’s assets into the new fund.

Those affected by the flooding disaster who are seeking financial assistance still need to make their requests at the district administration office.

The account is maintained at the Nouvobanq and all cheques should be made on National Disaster Relief Fund.

Central e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Members can be contacted to give additional details with regard to the account.

During his visit to the three most affected districts yesterday (see main story), Mr Michel said people in Seychelles and overseas have responded positively and have shown interest in contributing to the disaster fund.

Preliminary assessments indicate that US $8 million will be needed to rectify the damage caused by the disaster and put preventive measures in place.

Many people in Pointe Larue, Anse aux Pins and Au Cap districts were affected by flooding and landslides after heavy rains broke the 397mm mean for January in just a few days.

The Seychelles Meteorological Services recorded 58.5mm of rain at the airport on Saturday, 69.2mm on Sunday, 112.9 on Monday and 150mm on Tuesday which waterlogged the soil which gave way and broke down retaining walls and flooded homes and roads.

Mr Michel said people started calling early to find out where they could direct the money they wanted to give but formalities including the legal framework to launch the fund were in the process but have now been completed, including the opening of the bank account.

He said potential donors will be told the account number they can channel their contributions to.

“I am calling on people in our nation to contribute in addition to the international organisations which have shown interest in helping our people in the four districts which have been affected,” said Mr Michel.

He and the ministers who accompanied him said the initial response was geared towards ensuring no lives were lost and now various agencies and ministries will look at the information collected for example by the Division of Risk and Disaster Management.

Mr Michel commended the solidarity with which people and agencies worked, but added that organisations like the Ministry of Health as well as the department of social affairs will need to continue supporting the disaster victims for example with psychological counselling and advice on how to disinfect affected areas.