Mauritius province appeals for communion help after Seychelles storms


The Primate and Bishop of Mauritius, Archbishop Ian Ernest, has written to supporters to raise awareness of the crisis – which appears to have been largely ignored by global media – and to ask for help.

"Following the natural calamity which has hit Seychelles in the past days, I am sad to inform you that the country and the diocese have suffered heavy losses from the floods," he wrote. "Church buildings and other important structures have been destroyed. However, we give thanks to the Lord as there has been no loss of life.

"I, as Archbishop of the Province, therefore, call on your solidarity to sustain the diocese of Seychelles as it strives to recover the loss suffered in the last few days. Your prayerful support and gesture of generosity will be greatly appreciated," said Archbishop Ernest.

Seychelles declared a state of emergency on Monday after it was hit by a series of rare floods and landslides in three districts of the main island of Mahé. There were reports of flooding in more than 150 houses and the government, led by President James Michel, has since set up a task force to address the situation.

A bank account has been opened in the Mauritius province to support the relief and rehabilitation efforts of the diocese in Seychelles.