Social protection agency helps disaster victims get back on track


Wallace Cosgrow, the agency’s chief executive, said so far a sum of R1,892,779 has been given to those affected.

“We are helping those who have been affected with financial assistance which will help them buy personal belongings such as clothes and other essential needs which they have lost during the disaster,” he said.

Mr Cosgrow said an evaluation to identify the victims’ needs and losses was done by the community development department and the agency has used the assessment to help those families.
He added that the agency caters for 75% of what has been lost and a maximum of R18,750 is allocated for each home.

Mr Cosgrow said for assistance exceeding over R25,000, the agency helps with one third of these expenses.

As at Friday February 1, 2013, 135 families have collected their money from the agency, totalling a sum of R1,568,674.50 while 35 others have not yet collected.

Anse Aux Pins is the district with the most reported cases to the agency.
Mr Cosgrow said it is important to note that the money being given is an assistance and not a compensation to those families affected.

He added that the agency is working in close collaboration with the department of community development to help those who need assistance in getting their lives back on track.