Athletics: Cross-country series-Bad weather spoils third and last series race


Estelle Lepathy         Anna Barra         Florise Ernesta         Hillary Robert

Steward Louise         Ivan Moïse         Jose Victor

The third race was also important as it decided the overall standings of the series, based on points accumulated by runners over the three-race races.

The cross-country was also a trial for the SAF to select athletes to take part in the Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) southern region cross-country championships which will be held in Lesotho on February 23.

In the girls’ under-16 2km (1-lap) race Andria Auguste took 7 minutes 48.0 seconds (7:48.0) to finish first ahead of Naomie Barra who was second in 7:48.2 and Meryle Rabat who was third in 7:52.0.

Barra, who also finished second in the two previous races, was the category overall winner with a grand total of 21 points. Marie-Noella Larue was second with 20 points, while Andria Auguste finished third with 14 points.

Stevio Legaie was the race winner in the boys’ under-16 2km (1-lap) race in 7:15.1, finishing ahead of Jeremie Boniface who clocked 7:44.1 and third placed Davienne Hoareau with 7:48.1.

Despite finishing fifth in 9:38.0, Gerard Tirant was the category overall winner with 22 points after reaching the finish line first in the two previous races. Jean-Jacques Eulentin finished second with 16 points, ahead of third place finisher Davienne Hoareau who accumulated 13 points.

In the female under-18 4km (2-lap) race, Hillary Robert clocked 18:07.0 to win ahead Francesca Course who was second in 19:14.0.

Robert also won the prize for the best runner in the category with 18 points after collecting two wins, while Course finished second with 13 points after taking a third and a second places in the two races.

In the male under-18 4km (2-lap) race, Yannick Magnan clocked 13:25.6, to finish first ahead of Travis Boniface who was second in 14:00.8 and third place finisher Benjamin Kilindo who completed the race in 14:08.9.

With two first places and runner-up spot in three races, Magnan has finished first in this category with 25 points – three more than second placed Boniface who accumulated 22 points. Third placed Kilindo garnered 17 points.

Unchallenged on Saturday, Estelle Lepathy won the female under-20 6km (3-lap) race in 28:31.10. She also finished first in the category with 25 points.

Young Steward Louise maintained his domination in male junior (under-20) 8km (4-lap) race to finish first in 29:01.0 for his third consecutive victory. Yannick Barra was second in 30:50.2 and Samuel Moustache third in 32:15.0.

Louise also won the prize for the overall category winner with 27 points, while Moustache and Barra finished joint-second with 13 points apiece.

Unchallenged throughout the series, Anna Barra finished the female senior (over-20) 8km (4-lap) race in 36:53.1 to win the category’s overall prize with 27 points.

In the male senior (over-20) 12km (6-lap) race, Ivan Moïse was untouchable as he clocked 42:51.4 for his third series win, ahead of runner-up James Barra who finished in 45:55.5 and third place finisher Gordon Payet who completed the distance in 48:25.4.

Moïse finished first overall in this category with 27 points, ahead of Barra who was second with 21 points and third place finisher Franky Baccus who accumulated 11 points.

In the absence of record holder Vivienne Vadivello, Maggy Harray won the female master (over-40) 6km (3-lap) race in 31:49.0 ahead of Florise Ernesta who finished second in 32:30.2.

A first place and two runner-up spots were enough to rank Ernesta as the group’s overall best with 23 points, one more than second placed Harray who garnered 22.

In the male master (over-40) 8km (4-lap) race, Simon Labiche clocked 29:00.8 to finish first, relegating Herbert Adrienne into second position in 29:45.5. Jose Victor was third in 30:48.1.

In the overall ranking, Victor finished first with 21 points, Labiche second after garnering 18 points and Adrienne third after accumulated 14 points.

All athletes received cash prizes for the race and series victories and points were awarded as follows:

1st – 9 points, 2nd – 7 points, 3rd – 6 points , 4th – 5 points , 6th – 4 points, 7th – 3 points, 8th – 2 points, 9th and all finishers 1 point.

The cash prizes for race winners were as follows: under 16 male/female (1st R150, 2nd R100, 3rd R50), youth under 18 male/female (1st R250, 2nd R150, 3rd R100), junior under 20 male/female (1st R400, 2nd R300, 3rd R200), senior male/female (1st R500, 2nd R400, 3rd R300), and master male/female (1st R400, 2nd R300, 3rd R200).

Athletes in each age category with the most points have been rewarded as follows: under 16 female/male (1st R300, 2nd R200, 3rd R100), youth under 18 female/male (1st R500, 2nd R300, 3rd R200), junior under 20 female/male (1st R800, 2nd R600, 3rd R400), senior over 20 female/male (1st R1,000, 2nd R800, 3rd R600), master (over 40)  female/male (1st R800, 2nd R600, 3rd R400).

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