Central Bank assists those affected by extreme weather


The hand-over of the donations at Anse Aux Pins …

Furthermore, a household items and clothing donations drive was conducted within the CBS in order to assist the Red Cross in helping families affected by the heavy rains and flooding. 

The donations to the schools include books for the Au Cap library which was badly affected, tiles for the health centre at Pointe Larue secondary school following extensive damage and school packs for the children of Anse Aux Pins whose homes were so badly damaged that their possessions were lost. 

A donation of educational toys was also made to the Pointe Larue crèche. 

CBS discussed the needs of each school with their respective management to ensure that the donations could be school-specific. 

The household and clothing donations drive was a success with a large amount handed over to the Red Cross to assist the organisation in its efforts. 

While some CBS staff were also personally affected by the adverse weather conditions, both the clothes and book drives were successful.

Donations were presented to the Au Cap primary school, Anse Aux Pins and Pointe Larue secondary schools and the Pointe Larue crèche yesterday by CBS Governor Caroline Abel, accompanied by representatives of the CBS’ social committee.

… and Au Cap schools

Governor Abel said the bank was pleased to have been able to assist the schools and students, and thanked the CBS staff for their contributions. 

Furthermore, Governor Abel discussed how important education of the Seychellois people is to the CBS and thus explained why the CBS was making donations to the four schools.
The students of Au Cap primary and those of Pointe Larue crèche thanked the Governor and CBS staff present with special songs. 

All four schools were grateful for the donations and thanked the CBS for the support.