Ministry urges proper disposal of waste


Blocked drains on account of illegal dumping can easily lead to flooding when it rains

The Ministry of Environment and Energy has made this appeal following the recent flooding caused by heavy rains but aggravated by litter dumped illegally.

The accumulation of plastic bags, bottles, cans among others blocked drainage preventing free flow of rivers, which resulted in massive floods on the roads, public as well as at private buildings.

La Digue was the most affected by the recent flood caused by illegal dumping.

The Landscape and Waste Management Agency within the Ministry of Environment and Energy has started a massive cleaning exercise on La Digue where 99 tons of household waste have been collected. “Illegal dumping and littering is becoming like a normal routine in our daily lives,” said Professor Rolph Payet.

“My ministry will increase its awareness campaign so as to educate people on the need to manage waste and dispose of it effectively.

“A clean environment is vital for healthy people, accumulation of waste leads to breeding space for mosquitoes and rats, leading to the spread of diseases such as chikungunya, dengue and leptospirosis which can be fatal,” added Prof. Payet.

To date one confirmed case of dengue has been recorded on La Digue.
“Inappropriate disposal of waste not only poses a threat to our health as human beings but threatens the rich and fragile ecosystem of our islands. It also tarnishes Seychelles’ reputation as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world,” added Prof. Payet.

In the meantime, the enforcement unit within the Ministry of Environment and Energy will be intensifying its patrols and will fine those caught littering or dumping waste illegally. And as a way of encouraging people to dispose waste in the right place, the landfill at Providence will remain open until 7pm on a daily basis.