STA’s fourth ADHM cohort on internship programme in Mauritius


Prior to their departure, the second year ADHM students received their airline tickets and travelling documents in the presence of their parents in a small ceremony at the academy.
STA principal Flavien Joubert said the purpose of the students’ internship is to prepare them for their final year at the Shannon College in Ireland.

“The work attachment in Mauritius is tailored for students not only to enhance their working experience in the tourism industry but to detach them from their families and strengthen them for their one-year training in Ireland and 18-month compulsory working attachment in Europe,” said Mr Joubert.

In total, 13 students are in their second year of the advanced diploma in hospitality management. One is already on a five-week internship in Dublin and the remaining 12 were present for the ceremony.

General manager of tourism development Peter Moncherry expressed words of goodwill to the students, telling them they “should grab this opportunity and reap the maximum benefits”.

“This trip to Mauritius is for you to build your confidence. Make the most of it. Grab as much skills as you can and keep it with you. It is only after your graduation at Shannon College that you will harvest the fruits of your hard work and it will be a pleasure to witness one of you taking the lead in the hotels,” said Mr Moncherry.

The students’ airline tickets have been sponsored by Air Seychelles – one of STA’s most faithful partners. Air Seychelles’ general manager corporate affairs Alan Renaud, who is also a member of STA board of directors, presented the tickets to Mr Joubert.

Mr Renaud said that as a member of the board he has been amazed to witness the “STA develop into the  fully-fledged internationally recognised institution it is today, with partnerships stretching the globe, thanks to the tireless efforts of Mr Joubert and his team”.

He added that these kinds of partnerships and experiences will produce the workforce the country needs.

“It’s heartening to see how the STA has developed over the years, to see the amazing institution it has become, and see up close the students’ sophistication and worldliness soar. To the students I say, use these attachments to escape yourselves, and then, when you return, to discover why Seychelles is so special. Rich with all you have learned, you will make Seychelles better. Just as we deliver the unique Seychelles experience in the air, so will you on the ground, at sea, everywhere you choose to work,” added Mr Renaud.

The National Human Resource Development Council (NHRDC) has also been fully supportive in coordinating most cooperation and finances of the STA students on overseas trainings and internships.

Also present at the ceremony, was NHRDC chief executive Margaret Pillay who distributed travelling documents to the students.
The STA remains fully committed to the training of its students, placing great emphasis on creating a pool of high quality workers who will eventually take the lead in the tourism Industry.

In March this year, the STA will witness the graduation in Ireland of its first cohort of advanced diploma and hospitality management students. The students are presently completing their internship programme, understudying in their area of specialisation.