Donation to make history lessons more interesting


Pupils in a souvenir photograph with the Jj Spirit affiliated members

This has been made possible through an initiative of a group of Jj Spirit affiliated members based in Italy and also the Seychelles tourism ambassador there, Dorothy Furneau.
Members of the Italian group who took part in the weekend carnival with a float depicting ancient Rome, on Monday donated their costumes and all accompanying accessories to the children of the school.

Another Jj Spirit affiliated member, Seychellois Jean Joseph Maillet who is based in Russia but was also here for the carnival and business, handed over a cheque of US $1,000 to the school to be used to buy stationary for the pupils. He made the donation during the same presentation ceremony. 

Minister Idith Alexander in her capacity as member of the board of directors of the Jj Spirit Foundation, received the cheque from Mr Maillet on behalf of the school.

Thanking Mr Maillet on behalf of the pupils and staff of the school for this warm and heartfelt gesture, Minister Alexander told the pupils that a lot of people are thinking about them and this gesture is proof that people want to help them succeed in their studies. She called on them to prove themselves worthy of all the help they are getting by studying hard.

Ms Alexander accepts the cheque from Mr Maillet

Mr Maillet said it is a great pleasure to be able to give back something to the community as he himself when did not always have everything he wished for in his younger days but there were always good people who helped him to be successful in life, and through this gesture he is showing his gratitude.

Perseverance primary school head teacher Nella Belmont also thanked the benefactors and noted that such gestures are greatly appreciated.

She further added that all the donations will surely help make lessons at the new school more exciting and lively.

Mrs Furneau noted that this is only the first of other initiatives the Jj Spirit members are planning.