Letter to the Editor-Uganda's education offer


Uganda, a beautiful country with a pleasant climate throughout the year, is geographically close to us and enjoys friendly relations with us.

It boasts an excellent Education infrastructure with Secondary Institutions of high repute such as St. Mary's College at Kisubi (with a University in the making) run by the Brothers of Christian Instruction of Ploermel who used to run our own ex Seychelles College, St. Henry's College at Kitovu also run by the Teaching Brothers, King's College, Budo, and Namilyango Secondary for girls among many others.

I have known such institutions when I was in Uganda in the early 60's. I have no doubt that they are still performing to the same high standard and that many other equally good colleges must have mushroomed since my years there.

I was also privileged to have had a spell at Makerere University College in Kampala, once Africa's leading University.

I must point out that Missionaries of both the Catholic and Anglican churches have contributed enormously to the development of education in Uganda in the same way that they have done over here.

John L. Adam