Bumper turnout for new karting youngsters


The young potential drivers in a souvenir photo

The 15 lucky drivers will know their identity after the training committee had met to make a final selection.
Training will start next month and each session on Saturday afternoons will last three hours.

Most of the youngsters who had registered, ticked all the right boxes, fitted well into the karts, had enough strength to stop and steer the karts, and most importantly listened well to what they were told to do by the instructors.

They were all given the opportunity to get a true feel of karting by driving a kart for the first time for a couple of slow laps around the Champions Park raceway.

All 15 drivers who are successful in joining the Novice class will be contacted by the training committee.

As for the others, the Seychelles Karting Association is due to meet to decide if a monthly ‘open day’ can be organised for them where they can come to drive the karts for fun until next year when they will be given another opportunity to join.