EU NavFor hands over nine suspected pirates to Seychelles


Briefing members of the local and international press on the work of the EU NavFor and the piracy attack

Activities of the suspected pirates were stopped by the Dutch frigate approximately 200 nautical miles north east of Eyl off the coast of Somalia.

The frigate was tasked to find the group of suspected pirates which attacked the MV Alba Star vessel on February 18.

The vessel’s armed security team dealt with the suspected pirates who were later apprehended by the Dutch frigate.
At the time of the attack, the HNLMS De Ruyter was 400km from the ship and a helicopter was sent to locate the vessel.
Within 24 hours the frigate was able to locate the two skiffs and the suspected pirates were taken on board.

Prior to the handing over of the suspected pirates, members of the local and international press were briefed on the work of the EU NavFor and the piracy attack.
Present were Minister for Home Affairs and Transport Joel Morgan, British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Alistair Burt, British Ambassador Lindsay Skoll, French Ambassador Geneviève Iancu and members of the EU NavFor.

The Dutch frigate was supported by the maritime patrol aircraft and a helicopter from another EU naval force flagship.
Rear admiral Bob Tarrant, the operational commander of EU Navfor said good cooperation exists between the EU NavFor and the Seychelles government.

The Dutch frigate in Port Victoria

He added that the presence of the nine suspected pirates shows that piracy activities are still going on and the work of the EU Naval Force is still vital.

Speaking to the media, Mr Morgan said Seychelles will keep sending a clear message to Somalia pirates that it will continue to fight against piracy activities and that they do not escape punishment.

He added that there are about 80 suspected pirates in prison here and soon another 25 of them will be transferred back to Somalia.
Mr Morgan is calling on the international community to help speed up the transfer process.