Birthday boy on fishing trip hooks massive marlin


Ivan and his team with their big catch

Spending his birthday yesterday out at sea, he hooked a massive blue marlin, which weighed in at 296kg!

Ivan – who turned 36 yesterday – was part of the Royal Safari fishing charter, and the team had been trolling since Sunday at around 3pm. Shortly after 4pm, the boat’s fishing technician Dave Marie said they felt a strike, and the massive marlin was hooked.

It took around two and a half hours of fighting to get the fish on board, and the entire crew had to pitch in to haul in the prize catch.

Ivan, who is of Russian nationality, says he and his friends always come to Seychelles just for the fishing, and this was the birthday gift of a lifetime.
He says from now on his addiction to sports fishing in Seychelles will only grow more addictive!