Eco-friendly Marathon, a landmark event on Seychelles’ calendar


Men’s marathon winner Simon Labiche (3rd right) shows off his prizes in the presence of PS Rose, Mr Jeong and representatives of sponsors


Women’s marathon winner Monica Vorster (2nd right) poses for a souvenir photo with PS Rose, Mr Jeong and representatives of sponsors

Mr Faure, who is also the chairman of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), was addressing guests at the traditional Korean gala dinner during which winners of the different categories of the Eco-friendly Marathon received their prizes.

The event, which took place at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay, was attended by Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam, principal secretary for community development and sports Denis Rose, Seychelles honorary consul in South Korea Dong Jeong, athletes and representatives of sponsors.

Mr Faure said the sixth marathon remains testament to the efforts of the organisers, especially Mr Jeong and his assistant Julie Kim. He added that the event eloquently demonstrates the spirit of friendship and cooperation that characterises the relations between Seychelles and South Korea.
“Such activity not only advocates the wisdom of adopting a healthy lifestyle which comes to us islanders perhaps more naturally than most, but it is also a chance to meet athletes from all over the world who share similar passion,” he said.

Mr Faure added that the Seychelles Eco-friendly marathon is going from strength to strength.
On behalf of the government, Mr Rose expressed sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr Jeong for bringing this wonderful event to Seychelles. An event which he said also contains the important element of cultural exchange between South Korea and Seychelles, further boosting ties of friendship between the two countries. He added that as we move forward, the main challenge is to encourage growth in the number of runners, both at home and from abroad, as well as to increase the number of corporate sponsors willing to be associated with sporting and tourism events of this magnitude.

Apart from thanking all those involved in organising the event and the runners, Mr Jeong reminded those present that his main idea behind starting this meaningful event was to boost the unity and health of the people. He also promised continuous worldwide marketing and promotion of Seychelles abroad through the event.

Altogether there were 1,066 runners – 585 males and 481 females – in this year’s event, with Simon Labiche winning the men’s race in 3 hours 02 minutes 02 seconds (3h02:02) which is his worst result since the beginning of the Seychelles Eco-friendly marathon.

This year’s women’s title went to South African Monica Vorster who clocked 3h33:44 to replace her compatriot Monica Neuling who won last year’s race in 3h36:41.

As grand winners, Labiche and Vorster received a certificate, a trophy, one return ticket to any Air Seychelles destination sponsored by the STB, accommodation for two for three nights at the Sunset Beach Resort, three nights on bed and breakfast at Village du Pêcheur on Praslin, US $500, and two return tickets to Hong Kong sponsored by Air Seychelles.


Top-five results of the different categories and distances of the sixth Seychelles Eco-friendly Marathon:

Marathon women
1. Monica Vorster 3h33:44
2. Emma Gyenge 3h38:26
3. Andriel Rossouw 4h15:31
4. Cassie Escott 4h27:31
5. Lee Seungsook 5h04:10

Marathon men
1. Simon Labiche 3h02:02
2. James Barra 3h24:33
3. Geoffrey Homma 3h46:04
4. Christophe Victor 3h58:14
5. Stephane Magana 4h06:23

Half-marathon women
1. Simone Japha 1h52:11
2. Anna Barra 1h52:28
3. Margherita Cantu 2h04:17
4. Zsaklin Miklos 2h20:11
5. Andrea Bleass 2h21:21

Half-marathon men
1. Moses Mbuga 1h23.33
2. Keddy Moustache 1h32:14
3. Herbert Adrienne 1h35:55
4. Giovanni Rossi 1h39:13
5. Franky Baccus 1h39:43

10km senior women
1. Jin Ruifen 52:42
2. Yu Fengjin 54:24
3. Kim Ji Hye 1h01:14
4. Eline Fjeldheim 1h01:34
5. Claudie Iman 1h01:57

10km senior men
1. Nick Baldwin 37:33
2. Samuel Moustache 46:01
3. Michael Arequion 47:43
4. Alvin Bouzin 48:53
5. Kim Kyongse 50:42

10km junior women
1. Vania Godley 58:56
2. Petra Faure 1h19:24
3. Hazel Rose 1h32:14
4. Ketty Elizabeth 1h41:34
5. Salima Jumaye 1h50:59

10km junior men
1. Benjamin Kilindo 39:53
2. Travis Boniface 40:09
3. Nicolas Le Coustour 58:51
4. Dwayne Didon 57:38
5. Dylan Paul 58:01

10km master women
1. Vivienne Vadivello 54:47
2. Amanda Didon 59:14
3. Florise Ernesta 59:55
4. Choe Hea Jong 1h01:14
5. Nam Hui Ju 1h01:14

10km master men
1. Guy Wilshaw 31:53
2. Marco Roos 35:26
3. Franck Bourdeau 46:41
4. José Victor 48:29
5. Detlef Grisk 49:34

10km over 60 men
1. Song Young Soo 1h06:53
2. Claus Ehlers 1h23:30
3. Alan Hall 1h30:13
4. Gert Kleinschmidt 1h41:25
5. Rainer Speer 2h09:03

10km over 60 women
1. Jeannette D’Offay 1h35:25

5.5km senior female
1. Veronique Dupont 29:33
2. Charlotte Grangier 29:55
3. Rina Yocette 33:16
4. Nawal Zioui 36:03
5. Virgine Daure 36:34

5.5km senior male
1. Jean-Paul Volcy 27:31
2. Fred Hypolite 28:39
3. Sean Menab 29:12
4. Shu Hao Wang 29:29
5. Percy Renaud 30:00

5.5km under-18 female
1. Laureen Mousbe 27:09
2. Linzy Lucas 28:51
3. Natifa Philoe 28:55
4. Angele Marie 31:20
5. Aurelie Fanchette 31:44

5.5km under-18 male
1. Yannick Magnan 20:18
2. Trevor Henriette 24:44
3. Adrian Medor 24:48
4. Adrian Choisy 24:51
5. Jim Jumaye 24:54

5.5km under-12 female
1. Stephie Dubel 29:26
2. Patra Charlotte 38:05
3. Shamilla Isaac 38:07
4. Jolene Mondon 39:14
5. Talia Dupont 39:30

5.5km under-12 male
1. Caleb Vadivello 25:22
2. Miguel Mathieu 26:20
3. Nicole Lucas 28:38
4. Noah Gabriel 27:10
5. Kurshid Lesperance 29:16

5.5km over-50 female
1. Noella Sham Laye 50:59
2. Violet Renaud 57:12
3. Regina Spreer 1h07:38
4. Sigrid Kleinschmidt 1h08:00
5. Laurette Philoe 1h08:04

5.5km over-50 male
1. Philip Chong-Seng 37:42
2. Selwyn Medor 39:09
3. Philip Robert 41:34
4. Michel Seeward 52:40
5. Bernard Sham Laye 56:41

Relay marathon women
1. Anse Royale secondary school 3h23:13 (New Record, old best 3h31:21)
2. Seychelles Tourism Board 5h05:53

Relay marathon men
1. Scorpion 2h40:59
2. Anse Royale secondary school 3h17:35
3. Seychelles Tourism Board 3h42:47