EDUTech@Seychelles Competitions for Teachers and Students


The EDUTech@Seychelles was officially launched by the Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon during a ceremony at the Seychelles Trading Company’s conference room in the presence of delegates from different ministries, and local and international companies.

The EDUTech@Seychelles competition, which is open to all students and educators from state and private schools, aims to promote the use of ICT in teaching and learning, by providing opportunities for students to become independent learners and exploit the use of ICT, and helping teachers develop a vision to transform their classrooms into an environment that fosters 21st century learning and innovative teaching practices.

The main competition requires the participants to submit a project, or a lesson that uses ICT for teaching and or learning and providing evidence that ICT used has enhanced the teaching and or learning process.

The competition is open to students and teachers from state or private schools at crèche, primary, secondary, post secondary or tertiary education level, either as individual or group category.

Participants can collect a copy of the application form at the IT services section of the Ministry of Education after school or working hours, Monday to Friday and receive further information about the competition. The deadline to submit application forms for the competition is March 11, 2013 and all competitors have to submit the completed project by June 21, 2013.

The Ministry of Education has also launched three other competitions for students as part of the EDUTech@Seychelles competitions for this year. There is an essay writing competition for students at secondary level, a digital story writing competition for students at primary level and a public speaking competition aimed at secondary and post secondary level students.

The forms and details about each competition are available at the schools and the IT services section of the Ministry of Education. 

Participants have until March 11, 2013 to submit their application forms.
The deadline for essays and stories is May 24, 2013, whereas the public speaking competition elimination rounds will start on June 13, 2013.