Women ambassador describes gang rape as ‘heinous act’


Dr Athanasius has issued a call to all members of our society to collectively act to prevent the reoccurrence of such atrocities.
“Seychelles has just celebrated a week-long campaign against gender violence and sexual abuse. This incident of the gang rape must not be tolerated and we urge the relevant authorities to take swift and just action against the perpetrators,” said ambassador Athanasius.

The ambassador added that her office would be working with the relevant authorities to promote a sincere and supportive approach to victims of sexual assaults.

“No human being – young or elderly – should ever have to suffer the harsh violations that this young woman was subject to. We want to work with partners to ensure that victims and their families get the emotional support necessary to allow for any type of healing possible.”

Ambassador Athanasius added that the Seychellois communities must collectively join hands and stand against this type of unacceptable behaviour, among other anti-social demeanour.
She explained that the social renaissance programme being spearheaded by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports must be embraced at family level in order to address these social ills.

“Striving for our Seychelles is more than just a great statement – it is a call to work hard in every aspect of life in our country. That includes working hard to revive our spiritual and moral roots and respect for self and others.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to this young woman and her family.”