New plan to employ more locals in expats’ posts ready


Mr Rosalie (middle, photo on above) addressing delegates at the launch of the forum yesterday



This was done in a forum organised by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development at the Seychelles Training Company’s conference room yesterday.

The director general for employment promotion Egbert Rosalie launched the plan during the meeting attended by human resources managers from government and private sector bodies.
From now on we have closer links with human resources sections of the various organisations.

“We have looked at the concept of localisation and the strategies that should go with it – how we in the labour department should go about the process with the employers,” he told Nation.
“We have also looked at the monitoring aspect of the process,” he said, adding the effort to replace foreigners where possible with Seychellois is not new.

“What we have found is that we are lacking in monitoring. Now we have a unit charged with seeing that the plans and strategies are followed and this is monitored.

“We are not talking about replacing all the expatriates in the country because based on the level of investment we have in the country and projected ones as well as our projected population – with an ageing workforce – we need expatriates now and in the future.”

“We do not expect to see all the positions available filled by Seychellois immediately so it’s a long-term process, but what we would like to see is the presence of sound training programmes for Seychellois who can replace foreigners at the workplaces and understudies who can take over from them.

“We expect all organisations with expatriates to identify understudies and where they are not able to do that we can help them,” he said.
“We will ensure the understudies get proper training so when the time comes they can take over from the foreigners.”
The ministry told the managers the procedures to be followed when employing expatriates:

“When contracts expire it is not automatic that they be renewed. They will have to come to us for approval after ensuring there really is a need, training has taken place, and the organisation has searched for a local replacement in the labour market.

He said for two years it has been the immigration department dealing with the hiring of foreigners but the ministry has taken the responsibility up again, although immigration will continue to issue gainful occupation permits and to ensure people do not overstay in Seychelles when their contracts expire.

Among the key speakers at the event were Dr Pieter Britz whose presentation was on how human capital contributes towards a firm’s effectiveness.

The chief executive of the National Human Resources Development Council Margaret Pillay talked about the roles and functions of her organisation.