Indian specialists to carry out 7 spinal surgeries


The Indian surgeons speaking to the media yesterday

This week, the two specialists -- Dr Rahuprasad Varma and Dr Sheetal Mohite, who have their private practices in Mumbai, but are offering their services free, through JJ India -- will be carrying out some 60 consultations at the Surgical Outpatient Unit (Yellow Roof).

The patients, who have been referred to the specialists by other medical practitioners, will be advised on the treatment needed for the ailments.
It is expected that about seven will require surgery, including spinal and knee replacements. These will be carried out today and tomorrow.
Spine surgery is very intricate and requires specialised expertise. Commenting on allegations that Seychelles Hospital is not properly equipped for spinal surgery, Dr Varma said: “We can manage and have been able to do over 70% of the spinals referred to us.”

On their first visit organised by JJ India in December 2011, the two surgeons carried out seven spinal surgeries, including one involving a spine tumour, which is a very delicate operation.
“All patients recovered and are doing well,” said Dr Varma.

The spokesman for JJ India, Surya Khanna, has pointed out that this is the fifth visit two Seychelles by visiting Indian specialists offering free health care.
“The Foundation was established only one and a half years ago and is deeply involved in health-related projects in Seychelles,” he said.

Mr Khanna noted that is yet another example of Indo-Seychelles collaboration through a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

He noted that the Foundation has plans to carry out many such projects, by bringing in specialists in differing medical fields.
It has already assisted blood collection through blood donation camps in the country. Another assistance was through a AV Fistula Clinic -- a technique required for regular dialysis in instances of renal failure.

Mr Khanna said several organisations, notably Bank of Baroda, Nouvobanq, Teemooljee and Chez Deenu have extended financial support to some of the programmes run by JJ India.
Registered in Lucknow, India, JJ India aims at becoming a philanthropic organisation, with offices and centres around the world.