IMF mission meets members of National Assembly committees


The IMF mission in a souvenir photograph with the Speaker and members of the various committees

Ms Baker presented to the committees, the ‘Recommendations & Findings’ of the IMF who were in the country for a Seventh Review Mission under the extended fund facility as part of the ongoing economic reform programme.

Ms Baker briefed the members on Seychelles’ performance, pointing out the importance of keeping Parliament informed of the country’s developments and achievements during the economic reform programme.

During the presentation, Ms Baker also highlighted some weaknesses that need to be addressed by the government.
The meeting also held frank discussions on the need to have a strong legislature that can exercise proper oversight on government spending.

Both the Speaker, Dr Patrick Herminie, and Ms Baker agreed that such a meeting with the National Assembly is long overdue, and agreed that the National Assembly will in the future be consulted on a more frequent basis.