First Lady Natalie Michel’s message on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2013-‘Let us do our best’


Mrs MichelIn her message for this occasion, First Lady Natalie Michel has said that we should all rally our efforts and support towards the theme in view of its important relevance of one to the other.
The full text of First Lady Michel reads:

“It is often said that the strength of society depends on the well being of women. This year Seychelles is celebrating Women’s Day under the theme ‘Mainstreaming gender into the social renaissance plan’. We should all rally our efforts and support towards the theme in view of its important relevance of one to the other.

“This special day celebrates the strength of women, the strength with which women face everyday challenges including hardship and prejudices from which the social renaissance plan can richly draw from. Women have been active and strong trailblazers and torch bearers of our country throughout history. They have laid the foundation for our tradition of strong family values as well as our strong sense of purpose and vision. 

“Today women continue to defy stereotypes and other setbacks. As women we have to continue to use our strength of character, fortitude and courage to battle prejudices and barriers for the good of humanity. It is our obligation and duty as women, mother, daughter, sister, worker, and colleague to do our best always in patience, loyalty and humility. Let us take turn at encouraging, supporting, volunteering and cheering one another along the way, especially those needing a helping hand. Then we will all benefit, for when we do that we can pave the way for those who will come after us, like those before us paved the way for us.

“Let us draw from the strength of our women while respecting and appreciating them. As navigators through the daily needs of families and communities, let us use the knowledge we get as primary caregivers for what is best for our family. As collaborators, let us approach issues with a collaborative spirit. With the special gift of intuition, especially as mothers, let us use this gift for the good of our children. Being resilient and ‘hardwired’ to cope with stressful situations and positively bounce back, let us show courage in the midst of fear to overcome obstacles and make a positive difference wherever we are. Armed with empathy, which is the ability to walk in the shoes of others, let us act in justice and honesty for the good of humanity. It is in the journey that we find our strength but we have to remember to also take good care of ourselves along the way.

“Women of Seychelles, your strength defines who you are, be assertive and embrace your rightful place in society. The road will not always be easy but there is no better advice than just to do our best. Women of strength, I salute you and Seychelles applauds you. May your candle burn brighter and your spirit continue to shine through in making the world a better place.