Police assists officers affected by disaster


Commissioner Quatre in a souvenir photograph with the officers who had been affected by the disaster

Over three days, heavy rainfall, flooding and landslide hampered traffic movement and brought sufferings to many homes and families, especially in the more hit eastern districts of Cascade, Pointe Larue, Anse Aux Pins and Au Cap.
Practically no one in those areas was to be spared from that unforeseen calamity, casualties of which included some of our officers.

In a short ceremony held at the Central Police Headquarters on Friday February 15, Police Commissioner Ernest Quatre gave a little monetary compensation to these officers as support and assistance following the loss of their properties. The cheques varied in sums, which were based on a case-by-case assessment and reports by the department’s welfare officer.

Addressing the 12 officers, most of whom were on duty when disaster struck, Mr Quatre thanked them for their hard work, commitment, loyalty, and also expressed his appreciation for their invaluable contribution towards the progression of the Force.

“This small gesture by the organisation is just a way to show that we not only need you to fulfill our mission of crime combating but we do also care for your welfare, especially in difficult times.
“We hope that soon you will get over that bad experience and all will be back to normal for you and your families,” Mr Quatre told them.

On behalf of her fellow colleagues, Inspector Linda Dogley, one of those affected by the disaster, said that it is a boost to one’s morale when you see your organisation come to your assistance and support to alleviate your sufferings.
“We are really touched and grateful indeed,” she added.

It is to be noted that though no publicity has been done, over the years the police department has always been supportive to its staff members in moments of need.

In wrapping up the short ceremony attended by some seniors, Commissioner Quatre seized the moment to thank all civilians and police officers for a wonderful job done during the disaster period.

Contributed by the Seychelles Police