Leaders discuss issues of national interest


President Michel welcomes Mr Pierre at State House

In these regular meetings President Michel and Mr Pierre discuss issues of national interest.

Among the different issues Mr Pierre said he discussed with Mr Michel this time include the human rights principle as enshrined in the newly adopted Commonwealth Charter.

“I firmly believe we should be living in a State where the fundamental rights of all Seychellois must be respected. Seychellois should be able to live in dignity and I have stressed that the right mechanisms are put in place to ensure the charter becomes a way of living in the country,” Mr Pierre told the press following his discussions with the President.

Another issue raised was the blue economy where he expressed the need to develop the industry so as to allow our people to also benefit from it.
“We agreed that the time is opportune now in the wake of renegotiations with the European Union to explore ways to give the stevedores a better deal and better recognise their contribution and hard work,” said Mr Pierre.

The situation of our health system was another topic the two leaders discussed.
“Much improvement is needed in the service and I believe the time has come for government to find ways to review and enhance our health system and bring it to a standard the people will be confident about and put their trust in,” Mr Pierre added.

Another issue of national importance raised was the auditor general’s report and that of the Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC) of the Assembly which followed and the various recommendations asking the government to take action against the way its officials manage public funds.

“If we can improve in this area Seychelles will benefit with several millions of rupees through savings made in the process which will be used in projects to benefit the people,” he said.

With regard to the economy, another issue he raised, Mr Pierre said it has been observed that the economy is at present stable and all projections point to the fact that Seychelles will do well economically this year.

“So if  this is the case, then I believe the government should explore the need to review salaries because it is a fact that many Seychellois are struggling to make ends meet and as a country we should continue to improve our people’s quality of life,” Mr Pierre said.

Security clearance, an issue which Mr Pierre said is severely affecting the chances of many young people to get a job, was also raised with the President.
“I believe this is more than a police clearance and it is not acceptable as all Seychellois should have the opportunity to develop and fulfill their dreams and also contribute positively to the development of the country and being able to work is the only way to accomplish that,” Mr Pierre stressed.

Mr Pierre said he is very much encouraged and hopeful by President Michel’s response to the discussions.
“I believe Mr Michel understands the arguments and reasons as to why those issues should be addressed and he shares my views. We disagree on some issues which is normal but in general he is very positive and very receptive of the views brought to his attention,” said Mr Pierre.
Mr Pierre described the talks as “open, frank and in my view honest”.