Scrap boat Enterprise 1 catches fire


According to reports, Enterprise 1, which is moored alongside the northern side of Eden Island, was originally an Island Development Company boat which was purchased for scrap metal for exportation by a local company.

Workers had been cutting the ship into smaller pieces in order to place into containers for exportation. In between the compartments of the ship are foam insulators.
It was while cutting the ship using gas cylinders that sparks from the equipment caused the foam on the ship to catch fire.

According to a worker on site, the fire spread quickly and given that it was foam burning, heavy smoke immediately engulfed the area.

The staff onboard promptly put emergency fire procedures into action, effectively removed the cylinders and evacuated the ship.
The fire services were called upon and were on Eden Island within minutes. With the help of the police, all people on site were cleared from the area.

It took fire services around 30 minutes to contain and stabilise the situation.
The fire services used sea water and foam to put out the fire.