Details of our population’s characteristics


The report is also available on the NBS website

It carries interesting figures, graphs and charts which give details of the evolving characteristics of our population.

The report which is quite easy to follow even for non-statisticians, except in one or two instances where the mind of the reader may be jogged a little.

For example, it was not immediately clear how come Table 2.8 on marital status shows 928 women had divorced when only 545 men ended their marriages, yet at first sight one would probably have expected the numbers to be equal if each divorcee was married to one individual.

The explanation is delayed to help jog your mind.
We have today published some of the key tables and charts, including those giving:

The interesting history of the country’s census from when the population stood at only 28 people in 1771 is presented in Table 1.1.

One table shows people’s level of education while another concentrates on Seychellois only.
The pie chart in Figure 2.6 shows the distribution of our population as laid out in Table 2.6 while Table 2.3 shows population distribution by district.

More women have divorced and remarried, explaining why the tables show more divorces among women.

For the first time the census covered people with disabilities and came up with the figures shown in the tables published.

Figure 2.8 shows the “penetration of new religious groups that were not present in Seychelles before and the continuous shifts between and within main groups in the last couple of decades”, as the report puts it.