Victoria’s new fast food eatery a hit after first week


Customers in the queue waiting to be served

Achille Corgat, the owner of the restaurant chain, says that while he expected high numbers of customers, additional provisions needed to be made to accommodate the large numbers of people visiting the premises.

“According to our end-of-day sales reports, we are averaging between 1000-1300 customers every day, and by the end of the month we expect that number to go up as high as 1500 per day,” Mr Corgat said.

“This placed a lot of pressure on our staff members, many of whom are still new to the fast food business, so this caught us by surprise.”
According to Mr Corgat, the problem has been addressed by providing staff members with additional training and adjusting processes in order for customers to be served more efficiently, especially during peak times.

Aside from the teething problems, Mr Corgat is happy to report that the feedback from the customers on the quality and taste of the food on the menu has been very positive.
“Everybody is happy with the food,” says Mr Corgat. “We also appreciate our customers giving us feedback, which they can do via our Facebook page, so that we can continue to improve and provide our clientele with excellent service.”

Members of the public having a bite in the new fast food eatery

The menu, while it is not about to undergo any major changes, may be modified in future to accommodate clients’ feedback.
“It all depends on the demand in the next few months,” explains Mr Corgat. “For example, the Oriental menu is not currently available on Sundays, but we have received a number of requests for Oriental food last week Sunday from our customers, so we may consider making it available seven days a week.”

As to what the future holds in store for the chain, Mr Corgat is very definite. “In the future I aim to have a total of seven Butcher’s Grill restaurants in all the main locations, such as Anse Royale, Anse Aux Pins and Beau Vallon, as well as another one in Victoria.”

“If it happens, it happens,” he shrugs optimistically. “I am 38 years old now, so by the time I reach 45, I would like to have all seven open to the public - if God permits of course.”

Hajira Amla