Vijay International School Praslin-Kindle library launched


The twenty kindles are all loaded with identical libraries which range from Shakespeare to Students using kindles to study literature in classmodern literature.

Teachers will be using the palm-sized machines, which resemble small i-Pads, to teach literature as well as provide resources for students to support their critical and analytical work.

Students have already begun to use the new resource with enthusiasm and the school hopes that it will further inspire a love of reading already nurtured by two school libraries and the general promotion of reading for knowledge and pleasure which is a cornerstone of the school's philosophy.

There is also a practical reason for investing in lightweight kindles as the school’s head teacher Martin Kennedy explains:

“Much classic fiction is available free of charge by download and the kindles can hold an enormous number of books.

I don't believe that electronic tablets will ever completely replace conventional books, in fact it would be very sad if they did, but this initiative enables us to 'import' thousands of books free of charge and without the huge shipping costs that come with the purchase of conventional books from overseas,” he says, adding, “although it's strange watching the complete works of Shakespeare download in less that two minutes”.

The school hopes that students will be inspired to purchase their own tablets and become even more passionate about reading as a result of using the new mobile electronic library.