Athletics-Mousbé, Harryba, Barra, Sidonie pentathlon and heptathlon winners


After Lissa Labiche retired injured, Mousbé took victories in the high jump (1.35m for 560 points) and 800m (2 minutes 58.7 seconds for 336 points) to beat Peggy Rachel to the female youth pentathlon title.

She finished with 1,976 points overall after registered efforts of 21,82 seconds (312 points) in the 100m hurdles, 3.68m in the long (499 points) and 4.96m in the shot put (269 points).

Rachel’s registered performances of 19.70 seconds (466 points) in the 100m hurdles, 1.30m (512 points) in high jump, 3:45.7 (40 points in 800m, 4.09m in the long jump (584 points) and 5.69 m in the shot put (311 points) for a total of 1,913 points.

Labiche had only done the 100m hurdles (16.25 seconds) and long jump (4.92m) when she injured herself.

Senior competitor Jude Sidonie competed against younger opponents and finished the seven-event competition with 4,010 points. His performances were: 100m hurdles (16.21 seconds for 710 points), 200m (24.34 seconds for 632 points), 800m (2:27.7 for 246 points), long jump (5.60m for 629 points), shot put 9.31m for 488 points), high jump (1.95m for 845 points) and javelin (35m for 460 points).

Yannick Barra took the junior title but was ranked third overall with 2,865 points – 100m hurdles (20.39 seconds for 233 points), 200m (25.56 seconds for 501 points), 800m (2:12.4 for 497 points), long jump (5.14m for 537 points), shot put 7.24m for 366 points), high jump (1.50m for 471 points) and javelin (20.52m for 260 points).
Mohamed Harryba was ranked second overall and first among the three youth category contestants.

He amassed 3,538 points – 100m hurdles (16.53 seconds for 664 points), 200m (24.89 seconds for 571 points), 800m (2:23.4 for 370 points), long jump (5.47m for 603 points), shot put (8.44m for 437 points), high jump (1.75m for 665 points) and javelin (18.16m for 228 points).
In second position was Aldo Rose with 2,665 points and third Anil Bacco with 2,615 points.

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