World TB day – March 24-TB remains a challenge in Seychelles


This year, the theme is ‘Stop TB in my lifetime’, and the CDCU has said that one major achievement of the national TB programme is zero case of Multiple Drug Resistance Tuberculosis (MDR) and the low prevalence of the disease.
But the fact remains that the gains of our public health policy could still be compromised by complacency and irresponsible behaviours.

The number of TB cases has fluctuated around 20 these last few years and this figure could be further compressed into elimination of the disease with proper screening of foreign workers in their country of origin, Seychellois taking great care when they travel abroad and people adopting risk-free lifestyles. Risk factors contributing to development of TB are foreigners/migrants, alcoholism, diabetes and HIV.

The CDCU is calling on all clinics – private as well as public – to be vigilant so as to help in efforts of early case detection and reminding patients of the need to adhere to treatment.

The fact that the prevalence of TB is low in Seychelles means that the theme of world TB day this year is well within reach.
Seychelles recorded 21 cases of TB last year, the same as in 2011. Since 1979 the number of TB cases in Seychelles has varied from a minimum of four in 1986 to a peak level of 28 in 2002. TB-related death is very low although two people died from this disease in 2011.