New members introduced to National Youth Assembly


Members of the 10th youth assembly during the induction on Saturday

The SYNA is an institution through which the members are given one year to broaden their knowledge about the country's constitution and develop their ability to become good leaders and responsible citizens.

The induction, which was hosted by the SNYA’s director of programme development, Patrick Nicette, served as an introductory workshop on communication skills, terms of reference and the strategies and objectives of the youth organisation. Later in the afternoon, the in-house Bearers were nominated and a mock assembly was held to demonstrate the in-house procedures and regulations, which are similar to those which govern the National Assembly.

“You are here to represent your school or your district,” said Mr Nicette. “Therefore you need to stay connected with the youth who you are representing and working with. You have to represent the voices and opinions of the youth, and know what are the issues affecting the youth. So it’s very important to always get their feedback and response after the debates as well, because communication works both ways.”

The Clerk of the National Assembly, Azarel Ernesta, was on hand to give the young representatives, who range between 15 to 30 years of age, a few tips on public speaking and give a boost to their confidence.

Ms Ernesta also advised the members to not only focus on the negative but to motivate the youth to do better by being positive.

“We can’t only criticise the youth – so let’s not just talk about the problems that affect them, but let’s focus as well on the positive, because so much of the time we always expect the youth to fail. If we talk about the good things, we will give them hope and inspire them to succeed.”

At the end of each sitting, of which there are expected to be seven in total this year, the SNYA must submit a report of their deliberations and recommendations made could then be taken up by the National Assembly.