Concrete plan to keep drivers on right track


Work has started in preparation for the installation of concrete bollards

Until last year vehicles were passing on the left on that part of the road leaving the right lane vacant, but as traffic jams grew many drivers started using it to unfairly overtake law abiding road users crawling on the left lane.

This forced the SLTA to put marks on the road in June 2012 advising motorists to keep right, leaving the left track as an acceleration lane which they will now no longer have access to it after the agency installs concrete bollards with reflectors at a cost of R90,000 to compel drivers to keep right.

The concrete structures will replace rubber cones placed on the road during the weekend to guide drivers.

These rubber cones, placed on the road during the weekend to guide drivers, will be replaced by concrete structures

Immediately after the section, however, the drivers will keep left as usual when they share the road further down with oncoming south-bound traffic.

Cones placed between the airport and Pointe Larue to help vehicles avoid driving into flooded and therefore invisible channels during the rainy season have been removed and will be replaced by metallic markers with reflectors, said Mr Herath.