WHO donates diarrhea kit to health centres


Dr Gedeon accepting the donation from Mrs Atsyor

The ceremony was attended by Dr Jude Gedeon, acting principal secretary for health, other senior officials and members of the Rapid Response team.
The donation is in response to the appeal launched by President James Michel following the January flooding in eastern Mahé and on La Digue.

Mrs Atsyor noted that WHO experts also arrived in Seychelles soon after the disaster in readiness for any outbreaks of disease.

She noted that the kit includes surgical equipment, thermometers, intravenous fluids and oral dehydration salts and expressed the wish that these will be distributed to all health centres. 
The kit is worth US $13,000, which, along with the technical support, totals to US $60,000.

Thanking the WHO, Dr Gedeon said help was announced by the organisation even before the request was formally made.
He said that over the past several weeks, the health ministry has had to cope with outbreaks of various illnesses, besides diarrhea.  These are notably dengue, foot and mouth disease, and leptospirosis.

“That there have been no fatalities is due to the timely intervention of the health staff, helped by technicians from the WHO,” he said.
Dr Gedeon said the consignment of equipment and medication will help the ministry mount appropriate response to such outbreaks.