FTC to submit independent review report to stakeholders


In October 2012 Carl Buik, a former senior official of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Alexander Kububa, the director of the Competition and Tariff Commission of Zimbabwe conducted a fact finding mission in Seychelles where various stakeholders where met and interviewed in line with the objective of the report.
The independent review report is intended to:

• review the substantive and institutional framework in the three Acts
• Identify types of enforcement challenges so far encountered in the course of implementation of the three Acts
• Review influences – for and against - the three acts and how that have affected the current situation
• Identify the need to review the three Acts based on implementation experience and best practice.

The report shall therefore be setting out recommendations for implementation to ensure that the FTC is efficient and on par with international norms of consumer and competition law.

The submission and explanation of the final report is to be done this week which will mark Unctad’s second visit to Seychelles since the start of the technical assistance programme with FTC in 2012.