Over 100 farming, maritime students graduate-• Alex Barra, Vincent Barreau win President’s Cup


Students who have excelled in their respective courses at both institutions in a souvenir photograph with guests at the ceremony

A joint graduation ceremony was held on Thursday where Alex Barra from the Maritime Training Centre (MTC) and Vincent Barreau from the Seychelles Agriculture and Horticulture Training Centre (SAHTC) were awarded the President’s Cup.

Attending the event at the University of Seychelles’ auditorium, Anse Royale were Vice-President Danny Faure, who presented the two outstanding graduates with their cups.

Also there were ministers, leader of the opposition in the National Assembly David Pierre, and other members of the National Assembly.

Other guests included the acting director of MTC Brian Hoareau, SAHTC director Georgie Belmont, lecturers, parents and sponsors.

A total of 22 students from the SAHTC graduated after following certificate or advanced certificate level courses in the fields of general agriculture, ornamental horticulture and landscaping and general agriculture at apprenticeship level.

From the MTC, 84 students graduated in the fields of navigation and seamanship, marine mechanic, fisheries science at certificate or advanced levels and basic fisheries science at apprenticeship level.

In his speech, Mr Belmont said the two centres have a very important contribution to make towards the country in their direct involvement in food security and sustainability.

He called on the graduates to seize the opportunity at their doorstep and to strive to make the agricultural, horticultural sectors flourish and be the pillars of our economy.

“While the government is addressing part of the challenges, the others to be overcome remain with you to contribute towards the increase of local production through what you choose to do  – a career in agriculture, horticulture or maritime,” he said.

Mr Belmont said the SAHTC has identified four priority areas to work on for the next three years.

One of the four is aimed at developing course promotion materials that will be given to secondary schools to use in the delivery of careers guidance to better educate students on the courses being offered by the centre.

MTC, on the other hand, has three key areas among which gaining local and international accreditation tops the list of priorities.

Seychelles is benefiting from the expertise of the Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College and is being helped to get on the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) White List.

One of the benefits of Seychelles being on the White List will be that MTC will be able to offer IMO model courses over and above those being offered at present.

Mr Belmont said this will give the future graduates the chance to access the international arena, whether tankers, cargo vessels, cruise ships as well as purse seiners.

He called on the Seychellois youths to take up a career in the fields of agriculture, ornamental horticulture and landscaping and maritime.

Students who excelled in their respective courses at both institutions were also rewarded.

At apprenticeship level, the best performer in certificate in ornamental horticulture and landscaping (apprenticeship) was Keren Sinon, Darren Revera in certificate in general agriculture and Nelson Etienne in fishing technology.

For advanced certificate in general agriculture Vincent Barreau got the award and Emerlie Rath in advanced certificate in ornamental horticulture and landscaping.

Sharon Roselie was the best performer in advanced certificate in fisheries science and fisheries technology, Mike Soumery in advanced certificate in navigation and seamanship and Steven Padayachy in advanced certificate in marine mechanics.

Certificates were also presented to the graduates for having successfully completed training in basic prevention and fire fighting, elementary first aid, personal survival techniques and other areas.