SLA to open second business outlet in Providence


In a press release dated March 26, the SLA’s then chief executive Marise Berlouis said the second business outlet falls in line with the authority’s aim to improve the business environment.

At the moment there is only one business licensing counter based at the Orion Mall, Victoria and one sub-office at the Seychelles Land Transport’s vehicle testing station (Roche Caïman) for the payment of vehicle road licenses only.

“This creates a lot of congestion at the main office at Orion Mall which is also in a busy area in Victoria,” said Ms Larue.

“The new business outlet will provide members of the public with all facilities which are offered at the main branch at Orion Mall, including application and renewal of business licenses and traffic licenses as well as processing of driving licenses,” she added.

Ms Larue noted that the Providence Industrial Estate is an appropriate area for the SLA to have a business outlet as hundreds of businesses are located there.

She added that the SLA has plans to open another business outlet in north Mahé in the future. The authority already has offices on Praslin and La Digue.

Meanwhile, the SLA is also finalising its business licensing system which will soon enable members of the public to make their license applications or renewal online. The system is already in operation even if it is in a trial stage and is expected to be launched in April.

This system will also ensure that members of the public will not have to come physically to the SLA offices to do their applications and other licence business.