• A platform for visual artists to interact and showcase their products


(Left to right) Nigel Henry, Colbert Nourrice and Egbert Marday are among the artists whose work will feature in Seychelles’ first Arts Fair

New projects are being gradually conceived to bring cultural related activities to the smallest capital of the world. One such project that is today being talked about is the coming Arts Fair initiated by National Arts Council (Nac) of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The Nac is the institution which promotes all forms of arts in the country and is gradually diversifying its activities to give artists their due recognition, and the upcoming Arts Fair is one such activity.

According to Nac’s chief executive Jimmy Savy, the Arts Fair is being launched as a trial which eventually will grow to become a monthly event on the Nac’s calendar of events.

“The Arts Fair is to encourage viewers to respond to arts. Through this fair visitors coming to Seychelles will have a unique opportunity to see what we produce locally and to be able to buy them as souvenirs of their Seychelles holidays. This will be a Made in Seychelles only fair.  The Arts Fair will make artists more visible and it will help to diversify the products Seychelles offers to its visitors and to the local public,” said Mr Savy.

Mr Savy said that with the success of this year’s Arts Festival, this Arts Fair will in time bring in other groups in the show such as the musicians’ association.
This first Arts Fair is said to be pivotal in establishing the importance and the richness of Seychelles’ visual arts by offering a dazzling array of outstanding paintings, sculptures, photographs and to show that we have much more to see and appreciate.

The first Arts Fair opens tomorrow in the National Cultural Centre car park, which will have a feel of an open air visual art gallery.
The Nac has said that for this first Arts Fair emphasis is being put on encouraging original artistic expressions in Seychelles, providing artist with a platform to expose their artworks and to also promote arts as an effective educational tool.

“This Arts Fair will be a new way to support visual arts and our artists. The Arts Fair is one of the most important events organised by the National Arts Council this year. It is being organised for the benefit of artists and for the benefit of people who are interested in the arts to share their ideas and to interact with the artists,” said the event coordinator Vivienne Gonzalves.

The Arts Fair is the place to stop for buyers and for sellers of visual arts products. It will be a fair that will host a wide range of works from great Seychellois artists such as Egbert Marday, Colbert Nourrice, Nigel Henry and Alcide Libanotis to young artists from the School of Visual Arts.

Seychelles’ first Arts Fair will start at 10am and culminate with a reggae show at 6pm by group Tanmi in the Stad Popiler car park.