First arts fair attracts more than 20 artists


Minister St Ange addressing guests at the launch of the Arts Fair yesterday

The Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange opened the fair in the presence of guests who included officials from the same ministry, the National Arts Council (Nac) which initiated the project, and various partners.

Addressing those present, Minister St Ange noted that one of the first decisions taken by the management of the tourism and culture ministry a year ago when it came into force was to transform the Carrefour des Arts into a real carrefour for the creative industry and the arts fair is a first step in achieving this.

“This is only the beginning and we will work to move further by ensuring that work artists produce have their rightful place to be seen, appreciated and bought by locals and visitors alike,’’ said Mr St Ange.

“This is the only way the creative industry will be fully integrated and benefit directly from the tourism industry,” added the minister.

He said his ministry is continuing its effort to further transform the Carrefour des Arts and bring in more creative productions.

He said interest, involvement and commitment shown by different artists to make this first Arts Fair a success is proof that there is a need for such a platform.

He called on the Nac to gather as much feedback from artists to be considered by the ministry to ensure that the new initiative launched will continue and meet the needs of all artists.

Nac chief executive Jimmy Savy expressed his appreciation for all the support received from artists and thanked them all for believing in the project by taking part in the fair and showcasing their creations.

Mr Savy noted that the greatest concerns of artists in the creative industry have always been the need for visibility for their work.

“Artists have always been calling for more promotion and market for their work,” said Mr Savy, adding that the Nac has seriously considered their propositions and has been exploring ways to give new momentum to the development of the industry.

He said already the Nac has organised a series of  exhibitions, produced different literary works, helped different artists set up or launch their projects and realise their dreams, and also supported artists in showcasing their work outside Seychelles namely in Dubai, Italy and more recently Texas in the United States.

He stressed on the fact that the Nac has helped set up different associations and has strengthened its relations with existing associations and also set up a platform where all associations can meet to discuss projects together so that all of them can derive maximum benefits.

“This is how it should be. Artists must work together in order to be strong and successful in their endeavour,” said Mr Savy.
Furthermore, Mr Savy said the Nac is striving to develop arts in Seychelles and bring more credibility to the industry and for this to happen, a lot more support is needed from partners especially those in the tourism industry.

But he noted that artists should also help themselves by being more entrepreneurial and developing innovative ways to sell their work.

He welcomed and commended the partnerships that the Nac has cultivated and is fostering with its different partners.

Mr Savy thanked all those who are devoting their time and energy for the development of the creative industry.

During the launch, visual arts chairperson Alcide Libanotis also addressed the guests saying that visual arts deserve to be scrutinised and appreciated by people other than their creators.

“This Arts Fair will surely set forth an opportunity for us artists to exhibit our work not only to the arts community but to the general public,’’ he said.

Tony Joubert, a.k.a  Raspyek, and Stephanie Joubert also recited a poem together.

Seychelles’ first Arts Fair was well patronised on its opening day yesterday as our collection of photographs taken by Patrick Joubert show.

 Visitors admiring the works on display in the Arts Fair