Arab bank head finds maritime school good for regional training


Mr Khelef in a souvenir photograph with students and staff of the MTC

Director-general Abdelaziz Khelef of the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (Badea) said this after he proudly watched students learning on computer and other simulators at the school which his bank co-financed with the government of Seychelles.

Among the equipment he saw were simulators which show each student situations at sea on three computer screens.

The acting director for technical and further training Jean Alcindor and the school’s head Brian Hoareau told Mr Khelef depending on how the computers are set, a student can visualise himself facing calm or rough seas.

Mr Khelef watching students on training at the MTC

“This school is playing a crucial role for Seychelles which can be expanded to help students from other island nations and some of the Gulf countries may also be interested,” he told Nation.

“I feel the school is well equipped enough because I have seen it has all the necessary instruments needed for this kind of training,” he said, adding he was proud his bank contributed to the construction.