Cricket development programme reaches four new schools


Physical education (PE) instructors Nathalie Didon and Emmanuel Larue with the help of SCA committee member Patrick Thomas and SCA chairman Jonathan Paul have been visiting the schools where they have held introduction to cricket courses with the pupils and PE teachers.

The SCA has also been donating equipment to the schools in order for them to be able to continue with cricket development within the schools.

Last year, the SCA introduced nearly 500 children to the game of cricket and held a schools tournament with at least 75 children taking part. This year it hopes to hold at least two tournaments with many more schools and children getting involved.

The cricket development programme in schools is being supported by the African Cricket Association (ACA) and the regional development manager for the International Cricket Council (ICC). This is being done through the donation of cricket equipment for the children and by administration and development grant from the ACA and ICC and is in line with the ICC Pepsi development programme.

Cascade schoolchildren learning new skills

Pointe Larue school children pose with their new equipment along with their head teacher, PE teacher and SCA development officer Nathalie Didon

Au Cap school training with Emmanuel Larue and PE teacher Janet Boniface

Persévérance children who were really excited about the game learning from Emmanuel Larue, SCA development officer