Farmers advised how to boost production


Mr Noel addressing the farmers at the meeting yesterday

They are doing so at the International Conference Centre in a workshop organised by Mauritian producers Livestock Feed Limited (LFL) whose manager Christophe Noel said it exports about 300 tonnes of feed to Seychelles every month.

With the farmers was Natural Resources and Industry Minister Peter Sinon who said the industry is so important that he would stay with the delegates to hear what they were learning.
The main trainer is Daniel Planchenault of Glon Sanders of France which produces a million tonnes of animal feed which is sold around the world.

He told the farmers to get the most benefits, the conditions under which the animals are reared are important, saying Seychelles’ temperatures are ideal for the animals to grow fast.

He however said farmers need to know exactly how much to give their animals below which amount the animals would not grow, and above which they would just add undesired fat.

Mr Noel told Nation that Seychellois farmers may order the company’s feed directly from Mauritius if they want at least a container load, or through Mahe Distributors, adding under normal circumstances the feed arrives in two weeks and has a shelf life of about three months.

“We at LFL are committed to help the Seychellois breeder community to optimise their livestock and ensure there is adequate supply of our products on the islands,” he said, adding that the company was established in 1977 and ensures its feed “meets stringent global quality standards and are hormone- and antibiotic-free”.

He said he was happy so many farmers turned up for the workshop and his team plans to visit the breeder community here so as to better understand their needs and challenges.

“LFL has a history of helping livestock farmers increase their profits and economic performance. Our job is to ensure that all our products meet animal feed safety requirements and environmental issues.”

The farmers took part in a lottery where winners got discount vouchers and goodie bags.
Another lottery today will see a winner get a return ticket to Mauritius with three nights’ stay during which the winner will visit the LFL factory.