New agency offers help to job seekers and firms


 Mr Labiche in the office with assistant Ms Peter

Collin Labiche is the manager of the new company called Job Seekers Agency.

Yesterday he told Nation the company is helping firms hire Seychellois first and if it cannot find local people for available jobs, it is recruiting from overseas.

“Job seekers do not need to pay us any money because the processing fees are paid by the employer when a person gets hired,” he said, adding the company is also helping people draft their curriculum vitae and write business letters.

“Our aim is to satisfy our clients, the majority of whom are tourism establishments which are too busy to get involved with the employment process.”

Asked which areas could need foreigners, he named construction and farming for which the demand is high and not enough Seychellois are interested.

“It is thanks mainly to workers from abroad that we had enough vegetables for Christmas,” he said, naming at least five major farms which depend on equal numbers of locals and foreigners.

The Job Seekers Agency has an office upstairs of a new building on the same side as the airport petrol station behind the bus stop used by passengers travelling towards Victoria.

The building housing the agency. Inset: The sign for job seekers to look for behind the airport bus-stop

Mr Labiche is being assisted at the centre by Raphaela Peter who has relevant experience in related fields.