New traffic laws to take effect soon


Road traffic commissioner Patrick Andre said this in an interview with Nation when he explained the changes proposed will be effected in stages starting on April 15 when traffic wardens will have power to fine drivers who have not properly secured their loads allowing them to fall off or pollute the environment.

Previously only environment and police officers could have done that but wardens will now do so under the Road Traffic Act which has been amended.
Parking along Olivier Maradan Street in front of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is now legally forbidden, enforcing the action which was put in place some time back to allow two lanes of traffic.

No parking is allowed along Albert Street between the road’s junction with Olivier Maradan Street up to the junction with State House Avenue by the Clock Tower.

“However, on the eastern side of Albert Street between the junction with Palm Street and the junction with Huteau Lane, parking is allowed after 6pm up to 7am to allow people going to watch movies at the nearby cinema theatre since traffic drops at night and there is no problem if people park there then.

On-street parking during the day is removed along Independence Avenue to allow two lanes of traffic which have greatly improved vehicular flow, but drivers may park along the road after 5pm until 7am, save for the section between the entrance to Stadium car parks and the one to the Supreme Court, which is reserved for taxis, he said.

Pay parking is still in force on the usual parking areas, namely the Quincy Street car park and the ones at the Victoria House and the gymnasium and will from May 1 include Stadium, Marine Charter, and the Barrel car parks at new rates that will be announced.