Plans under way to create more space in Victoria Market


The possibility of building another market place around Victoria, all with the aim of decongesting Market Street, has also been discussed by the Cabinet.

It was the Minister for Natural Resources and Industry Peter Sinon who gave these information in the Assembly on Tuesday while answering a question by elected member for Anse Boileau Bernard Arnephy.

Mr Arnephy’s original question was if the ministry concerned has any plans to ensure higher hygiene standard and security in Victoria Market, a place highly visited every day.
Mr Sinon informed the Assembly that the Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA) has held various meetings with different partners and stakeholders on the question of hygiene and security at the market.

The Assembly also learned that Star Seychelles has a contract to ensure the market is clean and a high level of hygiene maintained but that the Landscape and Waste Management Agency (LWMA) which has the supervisory responsibility.

“The market is currently being cleaned everyday by market staff and a more thorough cleaning exercise is carried out every Saturday afternoon by Star Seychelles which also has the responsibility to empty all bins every day,” Minister Sinon explained.

He noted that to ensure Star Seychelles carries out the clean up as per its contract and all recommendations of the Ministry of Health are respected, the LWMA supervises all its activities and those of the market staff.

With regard to creating space inside the market which would accommodate vendors currently selling their goods on the street, Minister Sinon said considering the number of vendors both inside and outside the market, it is clear that there is not a lot of space left inside for everyone.

“An exercise is ongoing both at the main market as well as at the recently built annex to ensure better management of market space,” Minister Sinon said.

Herbert Hoareau, elected member for St Louis, wanted to know if the ministry has any plans to build another similar but larger and more open market in another location with the aim of decongesting the current market place.

Minister Sinon explained that the matter has already been discussed by the Cabinet but an ideal location is yet to be identified.