Health talks to boost hygiene awareness


Food handlers and producers attending the half-day session on hygiene awareness held at the Care House

The half-day session which took place last week at the Care House was organised by the Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (Senpa) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

It brought together over a dozen people who produce snacks, take-away food, fruit juices and jam among others to sell to the public, especially school children and in open space like district fairs and the Bazar Victoria.

During the education session on Wednesday afternoon, Naomi Youpa, a public health officer from the Ministry of Health, explained to those present the importance of food safety and the severe health consequences including food poisoning which could occur if food safety measures are not followed.

“If you want to continue to sell food to the public it is important that all precautions are taken at all times to ensure food is not contaminated in any way to cause harm to people who consume it,” Ms Youpa said.

While all food handlers are already aware of these safety measures, Ms Youpa said it is easy for them to be complacent and this is why they have to be reminded every now and then about the food safety measures.

Evaline Joubert, Senpa’s business development officer, said so far this is the third such session the agency has held for food handlers this year. The first two have been held on Praslin and La Digue.