Committee elected to support the disabled


The newly elected executive committee members

The election took place during a meeting held recently at the Roche Caïman district community centre in the presence of representatives from Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

Céline Fanchette was elected chairperson of the committee by majority vote, with Roger Alphonse and Daniel Savy elected as vice-chairperson and secretary respectively. Chantal Bistoquet was chosen as treasurer.

Parent representative Dianette Hetimie will be tasked with offering parents support and guidance toward tackling the trials they undertake while taking care of a disabled person.
The new welfare representative, Stella Marie, will deal with financial aspects like allowances, medical support and the standard of living for the disabled.

It will be the goal of the economic representative, Naddy Zialor, to increase the productivity of disabled communities in the various districts and sport representative Alise Nourice will be organising activities as a form of relaxation for disabled participants.

The committee then took time to elect regional representatives who would carry on the work of the association in their respective regions: Doryace Porice (north), Bernadette Esparon (south-west), Jourdanne Ernesta (central 1),

Kingsley Pouponeau (central 2), Dorothy Etienne (east), Sylvianne Payet (Praslin) and Paulette Georges (La Digue).