Letter to the Editor-‘Grateful rat enjoys poison’


We are obviously not happy with the guest – I mean pest – and we decided to entertain it the same way we have its predecessors, with freshly bought warfarin poison pellets after efforts to trap or hunt it down failed.

To our surprise, every morning we find the pellets gone and the rat lives on, gnawing away at furniture every time we switch off the lights at night. It seems to enjoy or even thrive on the poison as no other food is available for it. This raises the serious question of how effective such pesticides which are available on the market are.

I recently visited a friend at Glacis and as we had dinner, mosquitoes joined us to enjoy theirs –human blood from our legs, to which we responded by lighting mosquito coil, but alas, the pests were no bothered even as smoke wafted over the insects the smouldering coils we held next to them.

Repellent sprays did not seem to succeed either, which made us wonder if many of these products really have the lethal ingredients they should.
Amid reports in your newspaper about animal feed that possibly lacked key nutrients resulting in chicken deaths, we who have no ability to check if what we are buying is genuine or not would be happy to hear a comment from consumer organisations or quality control bodies that some checks are done to verify if many of the products on the market have what they claim to contain.

A concerned citizen