Assembly delegates to take part in May Day international brigade-• Speaker Herminie congratulates newly elected Cuban counterpart


The delegation who will take part in the May Day brigade: Mr Samson (left), Dr Payet and Mr Fideria (second and first from right respectively). Also in the picture are Speaker Herminie (3rd left) and Deputy Speaker Andre Pool

The National Assembly delegation will consist of members of the International Affairs Committee, namely Derek Samson, Emmanuel Fideria and Dr David Payet.
The delegation will be led by Derek Samson, the parliamentary friendship representative for Cuba.

The May Day international brigade is a worldwide activity organised over 15 days and is aimed at providing a wider understanding of Cubans’ socio-economic reality as well as carrying out voluntary works as a support to agricultural development in Cuba.

At the end of the May Day international brigade programme, the National Assembly delegation will remain in Cuba for an official visit at the invitation of the Cuban parliament – the National Assembly of People's power. The visit will take place over five days, from May 6-10.

During the visit, the delegation will bear a congratulations letter from National Assembly Speaker Dr Patrick Herminie to the newly elected president of the National Assembly of People's Power, Esteban Lazo Hernandez.

In that letter Speaker Herminie has thanked the government and the people of Cuba for the help rendered to the Seychellois people in the field of health, education and agriculture and he has asked the Cuban government to further strengthen cooperation between the two parliaments and the two peoples.