SPTC-New scheme of service for drivers expected next year


The new scheme of service is expected to come up with a better and reasonable package for SPTC drivers

The Minister for Home Affairs and Transport said this in the National Assembly on Tuesday when answering questions by the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly David Pierre.
Mr Pierre had asked Minister Morgan to clarify among other issues confusion surrounding SPTC drivers’ working conditions and allowance payments.

Public transport is an essential service and the SPTC is the main provider, transporting over 60,000 commuters everyday and therefore drivers providing the service are important components of the corporation, Minister Morgan said, noting that over the past three years the SPTC has continued to improve the working condition of its drivers.

He explained that the actual scheme of service for drivers dates back to 2007 and its revision, which is expected to be finalised this year, is being carried out in collaboration with the SPTC’s drivers’ committee.

According to Minister Morgan, the revised scheme will also include an insurance component for drivers.
In a related supplementary question, elected members for Les Mamelles Emmanuel Fideria wanted to know if as a result of the scheme revision process the SPTC would also revise the cost of bus fares.

Minister Morgan informed Assembly members that through revenues it collects the SPTC must be able to meet its operation costs but noted that the cost of bus fares is regulated by the government.
“While the new scheme of service aims to come up with a better and reasonable package for drivers, bearing in mind the importance of their job, the SPTC is at the same time being reasonable with regard to what it can afford to give drivers while faced with the need to continue maintaining an affordable service to consumers,” said Minister Morgan.
The SPTC currently employs over 200 drivers from a workforce of over 450 employees.