Couples for Christ mission hosts activities for families


The April 11-17 mission headed by the CFC chairperson and international mission director Ricky Cuenca also comprised four musicians from the music ministry band.

The mission usually calls on such visits twice a year.
“The aim of the visit is to give support , encourage and empower  local members  and help to strengthen their resolve in the mission they have engaged themselves to do, which is to renew and strengthen Christian family life and values,” said Jef Arong, the Couples for Christ missionary based here  since September last year.

During its stay, the mission held sessions for all local leaders, paid a courtesy call on Bishop Denis Wiehe, organised a women’s forum for the wives of members and the handmaids of the Lord – another ministry of the movement.
A conference was also organised for the men from the movement.

“The activities were a great success because since I came here it was the first time I have seen so many of the brothers and sisters from the CFC come together,” said Mr Arong.

“In view of  the important role of men in families, the turnout was a great encouragement and  it was an opportunity for the men to really discuss, appreciate and strengthen their roles and become more    active husbands, fathers and also leaders who are responsible to bring their families to the Lord,” said Mr Arong.

Mr Arong said the turnout and active involvement of the men and their wives in the different activities is a real encouragement for small Seychelles especially at a time where there is a lot of emphasis on social and moral renaissance.

“There are still a lot of challenges ahead but we are hopeful and we believe that gradually we will make more headway and get more Christians to understand the value and importance of spirituality in our lives. Through the ongoing Christian life programme we are making a difference,” said Mr Arong.

The activities took place at the Petit Séminaire and Sheikh Khalifa diagnostic centre’s conference hall at the Ministry of Health.

After Seychelles the mission, but without the musicians, went to Mauritius.
Some of the activities that took place are depicted here in the accompanying photographs (courtesy Jef Arong).