Beau Vallon schools win elite heritage award prizes


The winners in a souvenir photograph with guests

The award has been held for the first time under the theme ‘Working hard to preserve our heritage’, and proposed topics include slavery in Seychelles, traditional fishing and romance, pirates in Seychelles’ waters, traditional wedding, dances, culinary dishes, houses, and furniture.

The award seeks to develop an appreciation of Seychelles’ cultural heritage legacy in schools to improve understanding of our heritage through research and other projects, actively involve schools and the community in aspects of cultural heritage, preservation, conservation and promotion, and to help in the preservation of Seychelles’ heritage sites.

Although various schools had taken part initially, many dropped out with only the two Beau Vallon schools handing in completed projects.

A small ceremony was held on Thursday at the Beau Vallon secondary school to give representatives of the two clubs their prizes. This was in the presence of the chief executive of the SHF Patrick Nanty, other officials from his organisation, members of the two heritage clubs, and teachers from both schools.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Mr Nanty said it is important to cultivate the love for our heritage and culture from very early on, and value what we have from a very young age.

“Although we wish that many more schools had taken part, it is still a start, and we expect more schools to take part in the next contest,” he said.

Beau Vallon secondary won a laptop, and a R1500 cash prize, while the primary school won a digital camera and also R1500 cash.

The next contest for 2013-2014 will be launched next week at the Raffles Resort on Praslin and heritage clubs from all state and private schools are encouraged to take part with posters, pictures, collection of artefacts, after they have registered for each project with the SHF.